Wednesday, May 16, 2018

TFS WitAdminUI moved to GitHub!

TFS WitAdminUI moved to Github where you can find an updated version.


TFS WitAdminUI is a simple wrapper around the witadmin command-line tool offering various features.
Witadmin is a command-line tool which comes with Visual Studio. As described in MSDN, “By using the witadmin command-line tool, you can create, delete, import, and export objects such as categories, global lists, global workflow, types of links, and types of work items. You can also permanently delete types of work item types, and you can delete, list, or change the attributes of fields in work item.
When working on customizing a process template, you need to perform several witadmin actions multiple times, and since it is a command line tool, it gets pretty bothersome composing the long commands over and over again with poor support for copy-paste actions. TFS WitAdminUI helps you by automatically generating commands based on the project collection and team project you are connected to. It allows you to preview generated commands with parameters for several witadminactions, get help on those actions and execute them against the selected project collection and team project.

Supported Versions

TFS WitAdminUI currently supports TFS versions:
  • 2018 and all updates
  • 2017 
  • 2015
  • 2013
TFS WitAdminUI currently supports VSTS in the following way:
"For Hosted XML and Inheritance process models, you can only use witadmin commands to list information.MSDN


Documentation is available at